Nox Player Download | Android emulator Windows & Mac [375MB]

Nox Player is a free android emulator for Windows and Mac. If you are a game lover, then you should probably be interested in playing games on your mobile phone. Mobile games are an interesting thing in common days and this is the best way to spend your free time.

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For those games lovers, you can use the nox player, the best android emulator to play multiple mobile games now on your PC. Playing games on a big screen is now possible when downloading mobile gaming apps to your pc device. However it is, now you can easily download plenty of games through this nox player mobile emulator.

If you are a movie lover and want to watch movies and TV shows on your PC, then you must Download Cinema HD  on your PC/Laptop. This is an app developed for Android users. But you can easily install the app using Nox Android Emulator or if you like to watch KDramas and movies, you can download Loklok For PC with the help of NoxPlayer. It is free to watch all KDrama on the LokLok app.

Nox Player Download

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Software NameNox Player
Windows Size366.29MB
Mac Size662MB
Latest version7.0.5.1
Latest released dateDec 28th, 2022

Best Android Emulator for Android Games and APPS for Windows and Mac PC


nox player

NoxPlayer, the best way to play games on your PC. So now mobile games can easily be installed on your PC. The latest version of nox player is now available and users have the freedom to freely download the application without any mess. The latest nox player version is now available in the public and anyone can easily try the new version directly from the internet. 

As we know the nox player is a completely optimized application. Rather than some other android emulators, this is a stable tool and very well smooth for apps and games. It means this is not even only for games. Users have the freedom to get the best gaming experience with nox player as well as the best gaming console. 

Here it supports your keyboard, script recording, gamepad, and other multiple instances. Here all the features included in the application are perfect and it increases the gaming experience. 

NoxPlayer became true for your mobile game dreams in your PC

However, this is the better experience that connects with your Mobile Games. The application operating system is totally based on your Android 4.4.2 version. So here it lets you use other apps through the android extensive catalog and here the process is practical.

Additionally, there is something that users have to know. This version is possibly one of the most popular and widely used programs out there today, so tons of users are already familiar with it.

Among those collections of facilities, control customization is another unique feature that belongs to nox players. While you are launching any application is possible to easily create custom controls. The process is very simple and it follows an intuitive way. Within a minute or less than a minute, nox player has the ability to configure their keyboard and it adapts the buttons for thousands of android games. Here users can easily find options that are specially created for the purpose of shoot ’em ups.

Nox player for android | Windows | macOS

Nox player is one of the flexible ways to get thousands of opportunities for your PC. This is a powerful way to download games for your PC device. Through this nox player android emulator, users have the freedom to download gaming apps for their Windows PC devices as well as Mac operating systems. It means nox player support for android, windows, and macOS devices. Originally, here you can run several apps that were created for the android operating system.

The perfect android emulator for your PC

As completely mentioned above, Nox Player can be defined as a perfect emulator for your windows and mac operating systems. This is a free android emulator that is built for most of the popular operating systems such as windows, and macOS devices.

Finally, it is possible to download thousands of android games for your PC using this magical emulator. Nox player, the free android emulator developed by a famous company that is named BigNox. As purposes, app developers wish to give the highest experience in gaming through this application. Users have the best opportunity with the application.

For gaming apps, we can find several android emulators. Those emulators are compatible with a number of android apps and games. Among those apps, almost all the social networking apps such as simple and complex games such as PUBG Mobile.

Now it is possible to run those games easily without any mess here. Here users will get games to run in a free environment and the process is just simple. You will get full control over the games by using the keyboard and mouse on the big screen of your PC. Rather than the small screen, a bigger screen is more fun.

Features of the nox player

The application is named Nox. The application size for windows operating system is 344MB and for windows, it is about 367MB. Nox player developer is Bignox and it is freeware. Now the application comes in nine languages including English and Chinese.

  • The latest nox player application now powered by the latest Android 7. So it is more powerful and smoother than the previous time.
  • Nox player support for multiple- instances to run several games, and applications simultaneously.
  • Here it has the ability to level up the user experience for mobile gaming on PC devices including keyboard, gamepad, and mouse.
  • Macro recorders have the freedom to automate those complex repetitions within a single click.
  • Include GDPR compliance and that is for privacy and safety.

Minimum Requirements for install Nox player

For windows here, it supports for

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

For Mac OS

  • Mac Sierra 10.12 and 10.11

Supported processor

  • Dual Core Processor

Compatibility for Video

  • Here it supports for Open GL 2.0 and above

Supported RAM

  • Nearly 2 GB

Supported Storage

  • Here it should be at least nearly 2 GB

The Key Mapping feature 

This allows users to configure the device keyboard’s keys, over those players it gives users many advantages. However, the keyboard is faster and has the ability to place triggers and controls.

Support several android versions including android 4.4.2, android 5.1.1, and android 7.1.2. So users can easily play old games that previously were not supported for the latest android versions.

NoxPlayer very well supports gamepads and other several controllers. Here users can directly connect the controller or here it works very well over Bluetooth. Here it has the ability to run several instances in a glance.

Users have the freedom to play multiple games up to 4 at once using multiple gaming accounts.

Nox Player – Unable to Install?

Although the process is completely free and reliable sometimes you will face several technical difficulties while installing Nox Player. Some of those reasons are,

When the device graphics card driver expired. So then users cannot start the installation. To solve this problem you have to upgrade the graphic card. Use an automatic driver update.

The other reason may be Antivirus conflict. Several antivirus programs such as Avast or Bitdefender cause this problem. To continue the process here users have to disable the virus guard and try the installation again.

Conflict of Windows Defender- Sometimes Windows Defender identifies the NoxPlayer as a viral threat. So it will not support users to continue the installation. So here you have to disable it to start the process normally.

Couldn’t run the NoxPlayer Installer – This problem appears on Mac operating systems. Here you have to right-click on the icon and try it to manually open it.

Better to try an earlier update – If it is impossible to install the latest Nox Player version, try an older version that may easily install for your PC.

Installing an older version: If you are having issues with the latest version then you can try out the older versions of the NoxPlayer that may be compatible.

Download and install Nox player

If you are looking to download Nox App Player for your PC device now you can freely download it. Nox player is one of the best android emulators supported for Windows and Mac PC devices. Here it provides completely full Android features such as gameplay and other android applications. Here you can enjoy all the latest features freely. So let’s see how to download nox players, download android games to your pc.

Step 1: Download Nox Player directly from the above download links.

Step 2: Now tap on the previously downloaded installer file. Then start the installation process of Nox App to your windows or Mac computer.

nox player install

Step 3: When the installation successfully completes, now you can launch Nox android emulator. Now on the main screen, you can easily find the Google Play Store.

nox player google play

Step 4: After that, open Google Play Store. Here you have to sign or log to your related Google account. Then you have to search, related games, or other related apps. Tap on download, here download and install process automatically begins through your Nox Player.

nox player apps and games

The other way is, here users can easily use apk files of those games and then try to install it on your PC. Here drag the file and drop it on the opened Nox app. Then it begins the installation. Here it is essential to turn on the unknown sources from the Nox emulator system settings.

Step 5: After all users can enjoy favorite games and all the apps that save on your desktop using the touch screen, keyboard, and mouse. Here use CTRL key and scroll shortcut mouse for zoomings.

Overview – Nox player

If you wish to play your favorite android games on a big screen then nox player is the best way to use as the most supported android emulator.

Rather than the other emulators, nox player is completely free. It does not contain advertisements or other premium subscription modes as well.

Getting Started with nox player

For the download and installation process, it does not take a huge period. Just within a few seconds users can easily install it for your pc.

Nox player runs on the latest Android 10 and up to android KitKat, android 4.4.2 kernel. It is completely user friendly and reliable.

FAQ’s on Nox player

Q1. Is the latest NOX player application safe to use?

Answer – Nox player is a completely simple application. So it is safe when you use your android device to log in. If you use another website avoid untrusted websites. The reason for that is that those websites may steal your data.

Q2. Can you freely download NOX players?

Answer: Now you can freely download nox player from the internet. It does not have any kind of hidden charges. It includes amazing usability such as other popular android apps and games and you can directly download them inside the Nox app for windows.

Q3. Is that nox player support PC devices?

Answer: For your windows and mac os devices, this is the best android emulator for downloading gaming apps. So yes it is compatible with PC devices.

Q4. What country did it come from?

Answer – This is a Chinese application that belongs to China. It was developed by Beijing Duodian Online Science and Technology Co.Ltd. They were dedicated to introducing best android emulators to worldwide users and it enables the opportunity to bring several mobile game playing apps to your desktop.

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