How to use Nox player Correctly [Full Tutorial]

If you are looking to download your favorite mobile game for your PC? Then now it is possible as you can use the nox player, the best mobile emulator for you. Using this application now you can easily download plenty of mobile games to your PC without any messing. 

How to use Nox player

Nox player is a wonderful application. If you are a game lover this will help to download thousands of games to your PC. Now you can freely download nox player and after successfully download it, the mission begins! 

Nox player for your windows | MacOS 

Nox player is the best and safest application that allows you to download mobile gaming apps to your PC device. Through this application, now you can get thousands of opportunities. Nox player is the best android emulator and now you can freely download the latest nox player for your android, windows, and macOS operating system devices. So there does not have any issue with the operating system nox player support all the windows, Mac as well as the android operating system. 

Necessary Requirements for install Nox player 

If you are a windows user, the latest nox player support for your Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 operating systems. If you are a mac user, it is possible with Mac Sierra 10.12 and 10.11. Nox player is compatible with a Dual-core processor and for open GL 2.0 and above. It required 2GB RAM and the supported storage is nearly 2 GB

There you can find an interesting Key Mapping feature, it supports a collection of android versions such as android 4.4.2, android 5.1.1, and android 7.1.2. The latest nox player compatible with gamepads and other controllers. 

How to use nox player? – Download and install Nox player 

Before going to use it, you have to properly download the nox player for your PC first. Now you can freely download nox player and then through the application, you can download plenty of games. This is the best android emulator and the selection of game lovers.   

So let’s see how to download nox player, and how to use nox player; download android games to your pc through this best mobile emulator. 

Step 01:

First you have to download Nox Player. You can directly from the nox player from the official website and the process is completely free.

Step 02:

Using the previously downloaded installer file, you have to start the installation process. It will take several seconds to complete the installation of your PC device.

Step 03:

After the installation process is completed, then you have to launch the supported android emulator for your PC device. While it processes and after that on the main screen, Google Play Store will appear. You can easily find it. 

Step 04:

Then you have to open the Play Store app. Now you have to log in to your google account. Now you can search for those related games or other interesting apps here. Now you have to tap on install and then automatically, the download and install process begins via the Nox application.

Step 05:

By the way, you can easily download apk files that are related to those games. Then you have to try to begin the installation. You have to drag the related file and drop it down on the nox player. So then the installation begins. 

Now you have to turn on root mode. Then follow the Nox system settings. Then you can share files using those best features included there.

Now you are completely free to enjoy playing games that you have saved on your PC’s desktop. Here you can use touch screen facilities, supported keyboard, as well as the mouse. For zooming, you can use the scroll shortcut mouse and use the CTRL key as well.

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