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Love to create stunning graphics and videos. The Alight Motion App is the first and the best motion creation app ever to help you in this aspect. This is available for your Android as well. But if you are tired of creating your short videos or animes using the small screen of your hand device then friends simply download the app on your PC. Use it on the big screen of your PC. Use your large display, keyboard, and mouse effectively when creating the best video ever. Download the best motion-creating tool Alight Motion on your PC now. Enjoy the thrill of creating wonderful videos simply and extremely easily using this nice tool.

Alight Motion

What is Alight Motion for PC?

I am sure now you have an idea about what this Alight Motion app is for. This is exclusively for the ones who love to create professional and prime-quality videos and nicely edit them. Moreover, this lets you create stunning animes, composting videos, etc.

The users of the app from all over the globe find this app as a well-working app when accomplishing their video creating and editing needs. Though you do not have a superb camera app to capture high-quality videos no worries. The app Alight Motion for PC helps you in adding more color and flavor to your video. Indeed, it makes your video looks more attractive.

The app is free to download. But it adds a watermark for your creation due to this free nature. If you want to remove this watermark and also if you want to unlock some extra features then you can subscribe to the app. The interesting features bundled with the app surely make it more popular among users. w

Features of Alight Motion for PC

Alight Motion for PC download

When we talk about the features of the app Alight Motion, I would like to say that the app is incredibly very easy to use. No complex processes involving in creating or editing your videos/animes. The user interface of the app is minimalist in design and of course very easy to follow.

This is truly an amazing app that permits you to make all your dream creation ideas come true. This includes plenty of tutorials that help you in learning more about the app.

The animations you can create here can be introduced as fluid animations. That means the animations created are very realistic. Besides, comprises different video, audio, and graphic layers.

The support given for editing vector and bitmap graphics is also amazing here. Furthermore, there are hundreds of different effects to add. You can use these effects wisely when creating your video to have an appealing output. Some of these effects to apply to include color correction effects, shadows, and border effects, gradient fill, solid fill, and much more.

There are different timelines for images, videos, and audio. This makes the editing super easy. You can drag and drop the file to be edited to the respective timeline and begin the ed.

How to download Alight Motion for PC?

If you want to try this Alight Motion on your PC then you must have an Android Emulator. Android Emulators are software that permits you to run any Apk file right on your PC. Normally it is impossible to download and launch Apk files on your PC. But Android Emulator makes impossible possible.

There are hundreds of Android Emulators you can choose from. Among them, the Android Emulator named Nox Player lies at the top. This is the best Emulator for your PC from the perspective of most app users. Run any Android application on your PC and enjoy it on your big screen more comfortably.

So, similarly, if you need to have Alight Motion right on your PC then download Nox Player on the PC first. And then go for the Alight Motion. The process is mentioned below.

  1.   Visit the official page of Nox Player.
  2.   Download and install the emulator on your PC. This will take only a few seconds to complete the process.
  3.   Then launch the Nox Player on the PC.
  4.   Open it and sign in to the Google Account.
  5.   Next open the Google Play Store. You can find the search bar on the home screen.
  6.   After that search the app “Alight Motion- Video and Animation Editor”.
  7.   Click and install the app on your PC.
  8.   At last, you can open the app and make your creativity alive.

Alight Motion for PC

FAQs related to Alight Motion for PC

What are the payment options for Alight Motion?

There is a free version of the app where you will be granted the watermark on your creation. Plus, there may be some locked features. If you go for the paid version you can remove the watermark. As well as can unlock some extra features. Either you can choose a monthly or annual subscription option. If you wish you can unsubscribe from the app very easily too.

I cannot find the app on Google Play. Why is that?

There can be mainly two reasons for this problem. One is your device is not compatible with the application. Another one would be geological restrictions.

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion simply is a video editing and creating tool you can have on your Android, iOS, and as well as on your PC. The app is bundled with so many interesting features making it a professional tool to create and edit your videos. Create animes, short videos, compost your videos and show colors to the whole world by sharing them on your social media platforms. Try this nice tool whenever you are free and bring your creativity to an extraordinary level using the app.

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