How to use Tinder on PC using NOX Player

What do you know about dating? Do you know what dating actually means? Dating is kind of a stage of a romantic relationship where two people socially meet up intending to know each other and assess the other’s suitability to build up an intimate relationship. Dating simply means that you are going on dates, going on picnics, watching movies, and enjoying yourselves being together. 


Well, it is quite natural that we meet people in our journey in life. And we love to meet, talk and know each other. We love to be with someone who really accepts us for who we are and spend the rest of our lives happily. But unluckily, the people we physically meet are just a few. They might be the people in your school, neighbors, relatives, friends, and people with who you smile every day when you go out in the morning.

Tinder is kind of a dating app that makes people talk and know about themselves. You can now install Tinder and know people around the world within one second. You are allowed to chat and call anybody you are interested about. This app has been mainly introduced as a dating app, but in my view, this is one of the best ways to make friends around the world. 

Yet, Tinder is only introduced and will be supported to mobile devices, and there are more than 30 million active users using Tinder up to date. There are tons of single boys and girls waiting for a message from you. So, why don’t you just build up a conversation without making them disappointed? Using this Tinder app, you will be able to know many different people according to your preferences.  You will surely find a partner if you log in to this dating app. Besides, you can even find people who use Tinder near you turning on the location service.

Tinder is a safe application and is an app verified in Google Play Protect. You don’t have to be worried about your privacy since Tinder protects your privacy. This is a totally free application, yet you have subscription plans if you are willing to upgrade the app to its premium version. There are two subscriptions called Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

Tinder Gold 

  • Monthly Plan – $14.99
  • 6 Month Plan
  • One Year Plan

There is a unique feature in this Tinder Gold where it offers you 5 super likes per day where you can send them to your most closed people on Tinder. 30 minute account boost to top feature available to make your account popular among the Tinder community.

Tinder Plus

  • Monthly Plan – $9.99
  • 6 Month Plan
  • One Year Plan

You will be facilitated with a 30 minute boost time where you can boost your account so that people become concerned and try to build up conversations. This is a better way to become popular among your Tinder community.

In addition, Tinder is a location based dating app where any 17 plus the user can use. You can send pictures, videos, take calls and texts, like and comment as same as you use social media. Besides, in any case, if you liked someone’s picture and he or she liked you back, it stands like they really love to talk with you. So, there will be no rejections, no mental stress, and no disappointments. The ‘Passport to Chat’ feature is a special one where you can chat with anybody in a different country using your passport. You can even visit them through Tinder.

Moreover, you cannot view others’ Tinder Accounts if you haven’t registered on Tinder. You should firstly signup and create an account for yourself.

But this Tinder app only available for Android and iOS mobile devices and not available for Windows and Mac pc. But, don’t be scared; we have a solution to run Tinder app on your Windows or Mac pc. It’s done by Android Emulator called Nox Player.

What is Nox Player?

NOX Player is simply an Android emulator that provides you the facility to do a certain thing you do using your mobile phone, using a PC device, or else another device with a big screen. In common, there are mobile apps that cannot be downloaded and installed to the PC easily. Some should be installed by paying an additional fee. And they are definitely not free. Thus, in my opinion, the most perfect option to use an app that you use on your IOS and Android devices is through installing an emulator. An emulator offers you the chance to build up a virtual android phone on your PC Device. The users can download and install the mobile app they are willing to download to the PC without any issue.

Android platform is one of the most populous platforms that people use around the world. So, android apps can simply run in both MAC OS and Windows OS without issues when installing this super skillful NOX Player emulator. Unlike other emulators, NOX Player doesn’t affect your device performances instead of making you easily download and install the app you want to work with.

Installing Nox Player to your MAC or Windows PC

First of all, you have to select the perfectly matching NOX Player emulator to your MAC or Windows PC, then download and install it. Could you please go through the following procedure?

  1. Installing the emulator to the PC.
  2. Add your Google account.
  3. You are all free to access any application and have the Android experience.

How to install Tinder App on PC using NOX Player?

tinder for pc

  1. Before anything else, please install the NOX Player emulator on your PC device.
  2. Now, add your Google account.
  3. You can now download and install Tinder, the dating app, without any problem.
  4. Please go to the Tinder official website, then download and install the specific application.
  5. Then, please permit access to the particular areas Tinder asks you (It doesn’t matter to allow access since this option makes you experience the best of the app by sharing all the benefits the app provides you).
  6. Enjoy spending time with the people you love to be with.

Using an emulator is the perfect option to install any PC application that does not have a PC version. Since it is quite impossible to download an app to your PC without having a PC version, you won’t easily install the app without an emulator. Thus, NOX Player is quite impressive and a high quality emulator which provides you the chance to use any application on your PC or even on your TV. Well, I think all you have to do now is enjoy the app!!

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