How to use Snapchat on PC using Nox Player

What is Snapchat?


Snapchat can be introduced as an American Multimedia Texting App, which Snap Inc has developed. One of the unique features of Snapchat is that the texts or pictures you send to a person will only be available for a short period of time. Thus, the recipient will not be able to view your texts or pictures, and merely the chat will not be visible after the time ends or complete. Snapchat was initially released on the 8th of July 2011 supportively with 37 languages. 

Snapchat is compatible with Android and IOS devices, where you can download, install and work with the app using any device. The programming languages that have been used in the application are Python, JavaScript, Cocoa, and PHP. Snapchat icon is quite unique, which is a white ghost on a yellow background and a unique arrangement of black dots. The user can assign a profile picture so that the Snapchat users can identify who’s the person. Besides, the user can put stories, take calls and video calls, and send texts and pictures and many more. Snapchat also offers you a Camera with different and unique filters, play online games with your friends and loved ones, live broadcasting, etc. 

This popular application can be downloaded from its official website,, or straight away from the internet. Over one billion users use this application, and according to Snapchat average, Snapchat users spend around 30 minutes daily on this Social Media Application. This Snapchat application has been popular among teenagers, mostly children below the age of 16, leading to parents’ privacy concerns. Another unique facility Snapchat has been introduced with its recent updates is that Snapchat user can identify their friends nearby when they turn on the location.

snapchat for pc

According to the Name, Snapchat highlights two different words, which are Snap and Chat. Snap, which means to capture photos, is the function which many people use. Whenever we launch the app, the first feature that opens up is the Snapchat Camera. This camera is quite impressive since it holds many different kinds of filters and thousands of lenses, which update daily. The user can take a snap within a single tap, and by keeping the camera button a few seconds, you can have a video. There are also funny and beauty filters where you can also use while you do video chats with your friends. You can play online games using this application, and you can even add your face so that the players can identify who’s playing with them. Moreover, you can create your custom filters and add them to your photos and videos. You can even share them with the Snapchat community.

According to the app’s name, the second word that highlights in Snapchat is Chat, which is texting or else communicating. Using this application, you can do live chats, Video Chats, send normal texts, images, and videos, share stories, take calls, and many more. The specialty in video chatting is that you can add up to 16 recipients to chat with. You can view any story the friends have put and also, you can add stories to make your friends view. Besides, you can view stories according to your interests, such as Breaking News and TV Shows.

While chilling alone, you can explore your friends who are nearby and have some fun getting along. You will be able to easily find where they at when they have shared their location. On the other hand, there is a Cloud Storage where you can go through your old photos and also edit them. You can even save your old pictures and videos as stories.

How to install Snapchat on PC using NOX Player

First Install Nox Player

Before everything else, you should select the matching NOX Player emulator to your MAC or Windows PC, download it and install it. You may go through the following procedure.

  1. Install the emulator to your PC.
  2. Add your Google account.
  3. You can now access any number of applications and have the Android experience very easily.

snapchat for pc with nox player

Now install Snapchat through Nox Player

  1. Before everything else, you may install the NOX Player emulator on your PC device.
  2. Then, add your Google account.
  3. Now you can download and install the Snapchat Social Media Application.
  4. You may go to the Snapchat official website, download and install it.
  5. Then, permit access to the areas Snapchat asks (You don’t have to worry about giving permission because access permission helps you to get the best advantage from the application you download and install).
  6. Enjoy the app.

Using an emulator is the best option to use any PC application that does not have a PC version. Thus, NOX Player is one of the most quality emulators that provide the chance to view any application on PCs or even on TVs. So have a look and just try and see.

What is Nox Player?

NOX Player can be described as an Android emulator software that facilitates you to do a certain task through your mobile phone, using a PC device, or another device with a big screen. Generally, mobile apps cannot be downloaded and installed on the PC quickly and freely. Thus, installing an emulator software is the best option to use an app that comes to your IOS and Android devices. An emulator software provides you the chance to build a virtual android phone on your PC Device. So, the users can easily download and install the mobile app he or she willing to download to the PC without a single doubt.

Android platform is one of the most people use around the world. Thus, android apps can run in both MAC OS and Windows OS when you install this NOX Player emulator. Unlike other emulator software, NOX Player does not affect the PC’s performance. The user can easily download, install and do their tasks without a single doubt.

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