How to play ‘Let’s be Cops 3D’ on PC with NOX Player?

This is a 3D mobile game application that supports for both Android and IOS platforms. There are various kinds of challenges for the players who love challenges. This is an exciting game for those kinds of challenge lovers. Here, you have to play the role of a cop which means a policeman. Your responsibility is to protect your city from the robbers, people who are involved in murders, criminals, people who broke road rules and people who do wrong things. You have to add fines or arrests the thieves and people who do wrong. You will be rewarded and can increase the game levels by arresting and adding penalties. 

Let’s be Cops

There are different environments when you play the game such as desserts, cities and forests. Moreover, you can customize the car and upgrade the features and gears in your vehicle. This helps you to catch thieves quickly. Your Android device should be within 4.1 or a higher version, and your IOS device should be within 10.0 or a higher version. This supports all the iPads, iPhones and iPods that are higher than 10.0. 

There is a VIP Version where you can subscribe to it and upgrade new VIP functions.

  • Per Week – $5.49
  • Per Month – $14.49 

There will be no unnecessary ads popping up on the screen while you are playing the game. And also the money you earn by arresting thieves will be doubled when you upgrade to the ‘Let’s be Cops 3D’ Premium Version. 

You can change your outfit to the VIP Outfits and can change the skin of your car to a unique VIP skin. There’s a mini game called ‘Police Chase’, and it will be unlocked when you upgrade to the ‘Let’s be Cops 3D’ Premium version.

Let’s be Cops Game Download

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Let’s be Cops 3D in NOX Player

Generally, it is quite hard to play a game on a small display. You will not have a better game playing experience if you are playing the game on your mobile device. Reasons for not having a better experience when you are using your mobile device is,

  1. It is not that comfortable to play your game play in a small display than in a big one.
  2. Since Let’s be Cops 3D is a huge application, it drains more battery than usual, and your mobile phone will be switched off soon.
  3. You cannot have a better audio experience if your phone performances are not good.
  4. It is way more interesting to play the game on your PC using game pads, keyboards, mouse and joysticks rather than playing in a touch screen.

Even if you want to play ‘Let’s be Cops 3D’ in your PC, there’s no PC version to this game application. The best way to get rid of this situation is to install an emulator to your device. Nox Player is one of the highly recommended emulators in the world. It acts as a virtual Android phone, so you can easily install mobile applications to your PC, Desktop or any device you choose to play the game. Let’s talk more about NOX Player.

What is NOX Player Emulator?

NOX Player is totally free emulator software that acts as a virtual Android phone in your Windows or MAC PC. It helps you to do the same tasks you do on your phone, using your PC. Nox Player emulator software is way more useful to the game players since they can use NOX Player and play the game in their PC instead of their mobile phones. Using a mobile phone to do games is totally uncomfortable. NOX Player is the best solution to it.

Reasons to choose NOX Player over other emulators.

NOX Player doesn’t use your RAM so much like other emulators. Many emulators use more memory capacity, and it highly affects your PC Performances. Thus, you can install Nox Player for that without thinking twice about your device’s RAM capacity since it has no any problem with this matter. Since NOX Player act as a virtual android phone, you can choose any latest phone model to run on your PC. It doesn’t matter whether your PC is MAC or Windows since both can assign an Android Phone Model to the PC and run it. This facility is way more beneficial to the game players who love to play mobile games in their PCs but have no way to play it.

Let’s be Cops on pc with nox player

How to install ‘Let’s be Cops 3D, on PC using NOX Player?

  1. First of all, install the NOX Player emulator to your PC.
  2. Add your Google account to it.
  3. Now you are all set to install the ‘Let’s be Cops 3D’ game application.
  4. Go to the ‘Let’s be Cops 3D’ official website and download it.
  5. Give access permission to the areas the game play asks you to give. You don’t have to worry about permitting access since permitting access is very useful to get the best advantage from the application you installed.
  6. After everything is done, you can customize the controls of the game play using NOX Player according to the device you choose to play. You can either use game pads, joysticks, keyboards or else your mouse to play the game.

Playing ‘Let’s be Cops 3D’ on your PC is way more interesting rather than playing on your mobile device. Through NOX Player, you can download and install the game applications to your PC and play it using any device such as gamepads, joysticks, mouse and keyboards. So, try to play your game on PC instead of playing it on your mobile phone.

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