How to play Still Alive Game on PC with NOX Player

What is Still Alive?

Still Alive is a famous adventurous role playing the battle game which comes for Android devices. It’s a multiplayer game that needs an internet connection to play. There are unique super powers, and mighty weapons for each character you play, and super fighting tricks specific to the characters. This is a TPP, which means Third Person Perspective game and has gears to update when you play. Still, Alive has been developed according to the Combat Concept. It is very interesting while you play because of its high graphics.

still alive game for pc

You can challenge your friends and play online. You can link your social media accounts to the game and reach your social media friends that play Still Alive. There are monsters to defeat where you can kill them and unlock weapons. You can get together with your friends as a team and battle. Moreover, there are regions in this game play where you can play and unlock the weapons that are specific to each region.

With Still Alive latest update, the user can increase the level of the character up to 120. You can unlock weapons when you reach the levels. Besides, there are different kinds of settings such as Snow fields, Desserts, and Forests where you can select the most favorite environment you would like to play the game with. These different settings make the player play the game more time.

Requirements to be fulfilled if you need to play the game on your device

Your Android device should be minimum fulfilled these requirements below if you need to play this Still Alive game on your device.

  • Your Android device should be within 6.0 or a higher version to install this game.
  • Your RAM should be a minimum of 3GB, or else the game cannot be smoothly run on the device.

Play Still Alive Game on NOX Player Emulator 

Commonly it is quite uncomfortable to play a game in a small display. You might not get a better game playing experience if you are playing on a mobile device. Reasons for that is,

  1. It is quite uncomfortable to play in a small display that is a big one.
  2. It drains battery than other apps because Still, Alive is a huge app.
  3. You can have a better audio experience.
  4. It is interesting to play the game using game pads, keyboards, mouse, and joysticks rather than playing on a touch screen.

Even if you need this stuff, it is unable to play this game on a PC because there’s no Pc version to this game application. The best solution to get rid of this negative situation is to install an emulator on your device. The highly recommended emulator is NOX Player. Let’s talk about this 

NOX player and how we can play this Still Alive through NOX Player.

What is NOX Player?

Nox Player is an Android emulator software that helps you to do the exact things you do from your mobile device, using a PC or any device with a big display or else a big screen. Generally, there are mobile apps that can’t download and install on PCs free of charge. So, the best way to use the applications that comes to your IOS and Android devices but cannot be installed on Windows or Mac PCs is using an emulator. Using an emulator provides you the facility to build a virtual android phone on your PC Device. So, the users can download and install the mobile applications to the PC and do their most important tasks freely.

Why we choose the NOX Player emulator over other emulator software?

It is quite uncomfortable to play mobile games on the small display of your mobile phone. The best way to get rid of this situation is to use NOX Player emulator software on your PC. After installing this emulator, you can use your mouse, keyboard, joystick, game pad, and any other device you use to play game plays and play the game anytime. By using this NOX Player emulator, you can have the best gaming experience rather than playing on your mobile phone.

How to install Still Alive on Nox Player on Windows or Mac PC

still alive game nox player

  1. Install the NOX Player emulator to your PC.
  2. Add your Google account.
  3. Now you are all free to download and install the Still Alive game application.
  4. Go to the Still Alive official website and download it.
  5. Give access permission to the areas the game play asks (You don’t have to worry about giving permission because access permission helps you to get the best advantage from the application you download and install).
  6. Now you can customize the controls of the game play through NOX Player according to the device you choose to play. You can use game pads, joysticks, mouse, and keyboards.

Using NOX Player to play a game on your PC or Desktop computer is the best idea since it is very dull and uncomfortable to play games on a small display. You can use many other devices to play the game rather than your finger on the touch screen. Since NOX Player acts as a virtual android phone on your PC, you can install and work with any mobile application that does not support for PCs when you commonly try to install it. So, have fun using this NOX Player to your favorite game, Still Alive.

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