How to play PUBG Mobile on your PC with NoxPlayer

PUBG mobile game became the most interesting game among plenty of other mobile games with the first release. This is a game with the player in the ground with a known battle. If you think that playing PUBG on your PC for a better view as the next level, fortunately now it is possible.

How to play PUBG Mobile on your PC with NoxPlayer

Using a mobile emulator, now you can easily install mobile games on your PC. as the best solution, here you can use Nox Player and, this is completely a free emulator that is based on android. Nox Player is the best as it includes additional features for users. Using Nox player you can recreate the gaming environment and view it on a huge screen using controllers such as a mouse and keyboard. 

Nox player key features 

  • Here it supports and designed for android 4.4 and above 
  • Users have the freedom to set your mouse and keyboard to control the game
  • Drag and drop functions are very well working for import files to the Nox player from your PC
  • Using the multi-instance facility it is easy to play several games
  • The available browser and Google play store
  • Higher performance 
  • Higher speed 

While you are using Nox Player, you will get to know about many features.  

Nox Player Download

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Let’s play PUBG using Nox player

Now you can follow easy steps to play PUBG mobile game on your PC using the best mobile emulator, Nox player. Hurry up and install it using the Nox player. 

Step 01. In the beginning, here you have to download the latest Nox player version from above download link.

Step 02. After tapping on download, a dialogue box will appear. Here you have to agree with the setup and tap on Agree to accept the agreement. Here you have to change the location to install the app.

Step 03. To successfully complete the process, it will take several minutes. After the installation successfully complete, tap on the start button and launch the Nox player.

Step 04. When the loading process is completed, the Nox player shortcut key appears on your home screen. Here you can easily change Nox Player settings to change the performances of your game. 

Step 05. This is the time to download the PUBG game through the Nox player. 

Here you have to set up your google play store account. Then you have to search for PUBG mobile game and tap it for download. 

PUBG Mobile on PC

Install PUBG mobile game without downloading it using Nox player

Step 01. Here you have to connect the phone with your PC. Then you have to copy the PUBG apk file and obb file.

Step 02. Then add the Nox player apk file. To open the file, Tap on the PUBG apk file. Then tap on ‘open’. Here the application download through the Nox player. Then add the obb file to begin the go. 

Step 03. Tap on the ‘file share’ option. Then a small pop-up message will appear. Now you have to open the related PC folder.

Step 04. Tap on the Obb file that pasted in your Nox player app.  

Step 05. Now open the file manager home scene. Follow storage > Emulated > Legacy > Android > Obb > com.tencent.ig. Then you have to tap on the action button. Then you can easily indicate it using three dots. 

Step 06. Here a pop-up message will appear. Tap on the option of ‘Copy selection here “this process” will take nearly 2 to 3 minutes. Then it successfully completes the copy and the PUBG game on your P, ready to process.  

Step 07. Open the downloaded game. Then you have to sign in to your Facebook, Twitter accounts. Then you have to create characters.

Here you can use keyboard controllers to customize the keyboard and use a mouse for a better gaming experience. 

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