How to play League of Legends on PC with NOX Player

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a popular multiplayer battle game and can also be introduced as a role playing game. League of legends supports both Android and IOS platforms. This is an exciting game where you have to play the role of a legendary character. You should create a legendary character by playing the game. 

league of legends for pc

There are unique fighting games for each character. There are also impressive jumps, turns, and special and unique moves to each legendary character. There are two teams, and you have to choose one side. You should protect your base and try to own the other side base. The other team might come to destroy your base but do not give a single chance to destroy it. You should destroy their base and own it.

There are five players in each team, and you can view the two bases in two corners in the game map. You should win the obstacles and challenges and win the other base. While you are on the run, there are many obstacles to face and enemies to defeat. You should win and clear the path to reach the other base. There are many lanes you can choose to reach the other base. You can choose any and change the lane if you feel like you cannot reach the base if you go through it. 

Besides, you can power up your champion character by increasing experience by continuously playing the game. The more you play, the more you increase the experiencing level. So, your Champion character will be powered up. Additionally, there is powerful equipment where you can own by paying some gold. You can also own them by buying them. You have to pay cash for that. You can own gold or else buy gold. Gold will be received when you play the game continuously. 

You can level up your game by killing enemy troops. There are unique benefits, special abilities, and super powers and you can unlock them when your game levels increase. Your base gets more vital than the other base when you unlock those abilities and super powers.

The game’s currency is gold, and when any special thing happens, you will be paid for gold. You can use this gold to go for upgrades and items. You can earn gold by kills, assists, and defenses, or else you can buy gold by making a cash payment.

You can link this League of legends to your social media accounts and play with your social media friends that play this game as a team. It will be more interesting rather than playing alone. So, try with your friends instead of trying alone. 

Your Android device should be within 5.0 or a higher version to play this game, and your IOS device should be within 10.0 or a higher version than that.

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League of Legends in NOX Player

League of Legends on PC with NOX Player

Most commonly, it is a bit inappropriate to play a game on a small display. You cannot have a good game experience if you play the game on your mobile device. Reasons not to have a better gaming experience when you’re using a mobile device is,

  1. It is quite comfortable when you play gameplay on a big screen rather than on a small display.
  2. League of Legends is a vast game application, and it drains more battery than usual. Since it drains more battery than other usual game applications, you will not be able to finish your game because your phone will be dead before you finish the game.
  3. You won’t have a better audio experience if your phone performances or your phone version are not good.
  4. It is quite interesting to play League of Legends on your PC using game pads, keyboards, mice, and joysticks rather than playing using your mobile touch screen.

Even if you want to play League of Legends on your PC, there is no PC version of this game application. The best way to install League of Legends to your PC is to install an emulator on your device. NOX Player is the highly recommended emulator in the world. It acts as a virtual mobile phone on your PC where you can easily install mobile applications to your PC. 

What is NOX Player?

NOX Player is a free Android emulator software that helps to do the same exact things you do from your mobile phone, using a PC or another device with a big screen such as Android TV. Generally, specific mobile applications cannot be downloaded and installed to your PC easily and free of charge. So, the best and the easiest way to use applications that comes to your IOS and Android devices on your PC is by using an emulator. Using an emulator software provide you the facility to build a virtual android phone on your PC Device. So, the users can download and install the mobile applications to the PC and do their tasks doubtlessly.

Reason to select NOX Player over other emulator software

NOX Player helps you to do your tasks on PC smoothly rather than on your phone. It is not a matter even if your phone’s quality is low because you can do the exact tasks with your PC by installing NOX Player. You don’t need only a phone to do your tasks.

Yet another reason to install NOX Player is that it is compatible with Windows XP to any later version. So you can do your important stuff and have a better experience even if your PC is an old one.

Moreover, NOX Player is way more compatible with external devices such as a mouse, keyboards, Joysticks, and game pads. You can play games that are uncomfortable to play using your mobile phone, on your PC using these external devices.

How to install League of Legends on PC using NOX Player?

League of Legends on PC with NOX Player

  1. Download and install the NOX Player emulator to your PC.
  2. Add your Google account.
  3. You can now install the League of legends game application to the PC.
  4. Go to the League of legends official website and download it.
  5. Give access permission to the areas. You don’t have to doubt permitting access since permitting access is beneficial to have the best experience from the game play you installed.
  6. You can now customize the controls of the game play through NOX Player according to the device you choose to play League of legends. You can use game pads, joysticks, keyboards, or your mouse to play League of legends on your PC or your Desktop computer.

Playing League of legends on your PC is an exciting thing. You can now experience League of legends on a big screen. Since NOX Player is way more compatible with external devices that use to play games such as a mouse, keyboards, Joysticks, and game pads, you can use these devices if you want to have a professional experience in playing the game. You can play games that are uncomfortable to play by using your mobile phone. So, I hope that you will enjoy League of legends if you install the app to your PC using NOX Player. Just try and see.

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