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Among us is a wonderful game that is getting popular among game lovers after that the government banned the popular PUBG in India. While game players searching for another interesting playing, they select Among Us as the best solution instead of PUBG. This is not another type of royale battle but gamers love this game and it seems to be that, Among Us became the most popular game that can hear from each lip in the current moment. 

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The best thing is, now Android and iOS users have the freedom to freely download Among Us for all the compatible smartphones, tablet devices, iPhones, and iPad devices. But not only for mobile devices, here it supports you to download the game application for your computer and stream games as well. However it is, it costs nearly $5. Another best facility of Among Us application is, here it supports cross-platform. So computer users, laptop users, and mobile players can play together.  

About “Among US” – Details and Gameplay

Among Us is one of the most famous online game that belongs to the multiplayer category. So from four to ten players can easily play this game. When the match begins for one of the team players get the ‘imposter’ role. Here players have to play around a spaceship and among the players, the imposter lurks. 

The imposter’s main role is to make noise and sabotage all the related work of the other members and here he has to kill them all. Players have to discover the imposter and they have to vote him off the ship while completing all the other tasks. 

Such as some other games, Among Us is pretty addictive. Here it supports low-end platforms as well. Now most of the players looking for a way to play the game on your laptop or computer. Happy to say that now the compatibility os freely available for you. 

Introduction of Among Us

Among Us is basically known as one of the most popular casual games as well as an action game that was developed by Innersloth LLC. This is the developer of Dig2China as well. 

If you are looking to stream Among Us on your computer, then you have to use a mobile emulator. As the best emulator now you can use Nox player for your computer. To win the game, crewmates have to complete all the tasks or he has to discover the impostor and kill him. 

Play Among Us on your PC using NoxPlayer

Method 01. First, you have to download the Nox player. Then you have to download the apk file. And it takes several seconds to complete the installation with the Nox player. Now you can play the game on your PC.        

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Method 02. If there is a Nox player in your PC, through it you have to install the game apk file. Here drag and then you have to drop the related file using the emulator.

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Among Us the best Gaming Video

Now you can play the game online. Here it supports over a WiFi connection and here 4-10 plates can play. Among the players, there is an impostor. so you have to identify him and kill him before he kills you. Otherwise, the impostor will kill you. 

Nox player for Among Us 

NoxPlayer is the most suited mobile emulator, android emulator for download mobile games for your PC. For download Among Us, this is the most recommended way and here the process is completely free. Not only this game, but Nox player is also the best way to download some other mobile games such as MMORPG, MOBA, and FPS, or any other.

 Nox Player,

  • Within a single click, it opens keyboard mapping
  • Enables the best gaming experience on PC
  • Setting controls on your keyboard, gamepad, and mouse
  • Run several instances 
  • Play multiple games 
  • Synchronize the operation 
  • Record all those complex operations 
  • Execute the related script within one-click.

Play Among Us on PC – Via NoxPlayer 

Let’s play Among Us on PC with NoxPlayer

You need to work with the team of partners every round and then you have to identify the impostor each of those rounds. There is one cheater per round.

The imposter always looking to kill crew members and he always tries to sabotage and stall the crew  

The game runs until the impostor kills several members (enough number) or when someone kills the impostor and repair the ship. 

This is teamwork. You have to discuss among team members to find the one who votes out the imposter and even after the killing(impostor) you can repair the ship and complete other tasks. those tasks are complicated. 

Here you can settle a key to control the direction of moving for other characters such as WASD. 

among us on pc

How to Play Among us game on PC [Video Tutorial]

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