Five Reasons to Use an Emulator

What is an Emulator?

Recently, 98% of people use mobile phones to do their day to day tasks easily. People have been familiar with these mobile devices since it helps people communicate and do many other important tasks. Thus, there are billions of mobile apps in order to fulfill different needs, such as editing videos, editing pictures, making animations, and many more. But most people like to view and use such kind of mobile applications in a big display so that they can comfortably engage in their tasks. This big display is way more useful for the game players while they are playing gameplays. So, to do the task on the PC that you do on your mobile phone, you should install an Emulator. 

Five Reasons to Use an Emulator

An emulator is a software that builds a virtual android phone in your Windows or MAC PC to do the same task you do on your mobile phone, using a PC.

There is a PC software that is complex, and using the software is way more complicated. But, using a mobile app to fulfill the same task is simpler than using a complex PC software. User can easily do their tasks through a mobile application than from a PC Software. As an example, using the PC Software called Photoshop to edit a photo is more complicated than using a mobile application. There are thousands of applications that you can simply and professionally fulfill the tasks you need to be done.

Most of the PC software are paid ones since such software is made for complex editing and stuff. There’s a certain amount of PC software which are free. But most of the mobile applications are provided free of charge. For example, when you install a video editing software for your PC such as Premier Pro, You should pay a fee to download and install it. But using a mobile application, you can do the same task free of charge. There are professional mobile applications such as Capcut apk, Video Show, where you can do the above task free of charge.

Besides, there are five main reasons to use an Emulator. Let’s talk about them.

01. There is no specific PC version to all the mobile applications on Android Devices. The best solution is to install an Emulator. 

Most commonly nowadays, people use mobile phones than laptops and PCs. Thus, there are many mobile applications to ease the task to a user. But certain apps have not been developed a PC version to run the app on a PC or else on a Laptop. Installing an Emulator to your PC or Laptop is the best and the one and only solution if you want to run mobile applications on your PC.

02. Game Players can have a better gaming experience.

Most of Mobile Phone users use their mobile devices to play games since it is a portable device. Because of the small display it has, it is a bit uncomfortable to play games on a small screen than playing on a big one. Sometimes, you cannot see the graphics, and also, you cannot use high quality graphics on your Mobile Phone. To use high quality graphics in your mobile device, there should be a powerful GPU, and a mobile device with a powerful GPU is quite costly.

Quality sounds in a game play a major role in gaming. But you cannot experience it if you are using a mobile phone. Installing an Emulator to your PC, download the game application, and playing with better sounds are the best way rather than using a mobile phone. You can even plug a good sound system into your PC when you play the game.

Moreover, you can have a better gaming experience if you use Joysticks, Keyboards, Mouse, and Game Pads to play a game rather than playing mobile games on your Phone uncomfortably. Unluckily you cannot connect those devices to your mobile device. You can only connect these devices to your PC. So, the best solution is to play the game on your PC. Even if the mobile app doesn’t have a PC version, you can download and install the application to your PC through an Emulator. 

As an example, there are no PC versions of the most popular mobile games such as League of Legends, Let’s be Cops, Clash of Clans, and PUBG. But, to play such interesting games on a big screen with quality sounds, installing an emulator is the best solution.

03. You can do the same task which you are doing on your Phone through a big screen.

There is a limited screen size for every mobile device. But do you know that we can do the exact task using a big screen? No? Let me tell you. It doesn’t matter what the task you do. It might be video editing, and it might be game play; whatever it is, you can use an emulator to do your tasks on a PC. This can be called a method of converting your laptop into a smartphone.

04. You can use an emulator if you feel like your phone performance is not that good to fulfill your need.

There are smartphones in the market from low price to high price. Phone performance increases according to the price of the Phone. There should be a high hardware performance for certain applications we use in our mobile devices, especially for mobile game applications. It is quite inappropriate and a waste of money if you buy a new phone with high hardware performance in order to play a game. So, to avoid such negative situations, the best way is to use an Emulator. Emulator helps you to save money and avoid the situation of buying a new phone.

05. An emulator is one of the best solutions for battery draining.

Smart Phone is introduced as a portable device, and it only has a small inbuilt battery. If you feel you need a phone with high capacity, you should spend some extra money and buy a new one. But it isn’t a practical thing to waste money and buy a new phone when you have a solution on your palm. The battery in your smart Phone drains when huge applications run in the background. So, you should charge the Phone every time. 

Charging the battery frequently decreases the life span (health) of the battery. Thus, you can avoid this situation if you use a PC to run huge applications. A laptop has a battery with more capacity than a phone. Since PC uses a direct current, there won’t be such battery issues, and you will be able to run such huge mobile applications on your PC. Installing an emulator to your PC and doing your tasks using a PC is way better than letting to drain your phone battery using huge applications.


An emulator is a way more beneficial and important software to do many kinds of tasks. The emulator is simply a method that helps to convert your PC into a smartphone. You can do many tasks such as playing games, editing videos or photos, playing songs a lot more easily with an emulator. Especially, providing you the facility to use mobile apps on a PC is the most important thing an emulator does.

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