Download and Play MORTAL KOMBAT on PC with NoxPlayer

MORTAL KOMBAT is a wonderful classic combat game that is also popular as the best action game. Here it includes stunning graphics inside the game. This is somewhat royal and in the game MORTAL KOMBAT, players have to assemble the most elite team including Mortal Kombat warriors. Finally, you have to prove this as the best and the most empowered fighting tournament exists on earth. 

mortal combat for pc

Among game lovers, MORTAL KOMBAT is something interested game and among worldwide users, this is a popular game. So if someone looking for an action game, this is the best ever solution. 


Now both Android and iOS users have the freedom to download MORTAL KOMBAT for there mobile devices. It means for your android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad device. If you are interested in playing MORTAL KOMBAT using your PC on a large screen here you have to follow another downloading procedure. Such as for your PC, you cannot directly download MORTAL KOMBAT to your PC. Here you have to use a mobile emulator. Using this emulator you can download the mobile gaming apps directly from the internet and the process is completely free.

Here Nox player is one of the most popular emulators and now you can use it to download MORTAL KOMBAT for PC. Install Nox player is just a simple process and here you have to use the MORTAL KOMBAT apk version if you are an android user.   


  • MK11 Characters
  • Build a Massive Roster
  • Fight in Brutal 3 v 3 KOMBAT
  • Using epic quest can easily earn rewards 
  • Wars with Multiplayer Faction 

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Nox player for MORTAL KOMBAT 

If you are looking to download MORTAL KOMBAT for your PC, here you have to use a mobile emulator. For now, Nox player is the best and most supported mobile emulator for your PC and here you can freely download it from the internet. Using Nox player now you can directly download MORTAL KOMBAT apk file to your PC. Not only MORTAL KOMBAT apk, using the latest Nox player version now you can freely download mobile games for PC such as Among Us, MMORPG, MOBA, and FPS, or any other.

mortal kombat for pc

Nox Player is a wonderful emulator. There are several benefits to use this application and let’s see some of them. 

  • Response single click to open your keyboard mapping
  • Easily enables mobile gaming experience on computers
  • Setting controls such as the keyboard, gamepad, and mouse
  • Run instances 
  • Play multiple mobile games 
  • Synchronize the device operation 
  • Record all related complex operations 
  • Response one click to execute the script 

Download and play MORTAL KOMBAT on PC using NoxPlayer – Are you ready?

Step 01. In the beginning, you have to download and install NoxPlayer mobile emulator on your PC.  

Step 02. Then open the downloaded Nox player.

Step 03. Download Mortal Kombat game from Google Play Store or drag and drop the MORTAL KOMBAT apk file. Here the file manager leads the path. Here you have to open the related folder. You can see it under the file sign. 

Step 04. Now you can easily install the related apk file that in the downloads folder on your PC with this Nox player. 

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