Nox Player Requirements | Nox Emulator system requirements

Nox player is the best Android emulator available for Windows. As you know there are plenty of free Android games that have better graphics and story than many PC games. Unlike PC games, Android games do not require higher resources to play. As a result, emulators like NOX Player have gained huge popularity among gamers.

Nox Player 9 requirements

As you know, playing AAA games on a Windows PC requires a dedicated graphic card and powerful processor. Buying a gaming computer or laptop is not a choice for everyone. There are many AAA like Android games with better graphics. You may have played those games on your phone for example Arknights, Azur Lane, Clash of clans, Epic seven and more.

Do you know many Android games can be played on your PC on a bigger screen using gamepad, mouse and keyboard? You can’t natively install Android games on your windows PC. For that you may need supportive application like NOX Player. Then you can use external peripherals like mouse and keyboard, gamepad to play favorite Android games. There are many other alternatives like Bluestack, Dolphin, Speccy and etc. Among them NOX player has the highest popularity.

This application is completely free. No need to buy and spend money for subscriptions. You can download and install the official version on your PC or Laptop for free.

Nox Player Requirements

You have met at least below mentioned specifications in order to install and play Android games using NOX player.

Operating System – Support almost all Windows versions from Windows XP SP3 to the latest version which is Windows 10. Make sure to install DirectX 9.0c.

Processor CPU – Support both AMD and Intel processors. Require at least a dual core processor to run. You may not be able to use this application at max speed with a dual core processor. However, having at least a dual core processor helps to run at a minimum level. Do not expect smooth fps on high end Android games with dual core processors.

Video – Require at least Open GL 2.0. Open GL used for hardware-accelerated rendering of graphics.

Storage – Require at least 1.5 GB storage for installation. You may need more storage as you install games and applications.

You can run many NOX Player instances using NOX Multi Instance Manager. If you plan to run many instances of this application for testing purposes and other uses, minimum requirements will change. Check below minimum requirements for NOX Player if you plan to run more than 2 NOX player instances on the same computer.

Operating System – Support Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Processor – Require multi core processor like i3 or higher. Those processors should support VT-x or AMD-V virtualization technology. You can enable those features using BIOS. Most of the time those features are turned off by default. Check manufacturing specifications for more support.

Video – Since you are running many instances, it requires higher performance. Having a dedicated VGA and more will help to run those instances smoothly without any hiccups.

Storage – Storage is as simple as running a single instance. 1.5GB of storage space.

nox player requirements

Some antivirus applications like Bitdefender may cause issues. If you want to install NOX Player on your PC with Bitdefender, you have to disable VT from Bios.

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